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Staff Application - 76561198117624005 - 06-18-2019

Steam Name: LethalSpectre420

Steam Profile Link:

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:78679138


Mic?: yes

Time Zone: Mountain

Play Time: (Must have a day at least.) 3 hours

Discord: Skyler#4758

How would you handle an RDM situation?: ask all parties involved what the situation was and what happened and punish accordingly

Someone higher up is abusing, what do you do?: go to the owners

Someone is threatening to DDOS you, server, or other, what do you do?: go to the owners is my best course of actions

You find a bug, what do you do?: talk to the owners

How much staff experience do you have? Cite time, rank, server: none on gmod but i have hosted my own server on csgo and have been staff on csgo servers that are no longer active (3-4 years ago) for about a year


RE: Staff Application - DrFineSir - 06-18-2019

This guy is pretty chill, he would make a good addition to the staff team

RE: Staff Application - DrFineSir - 06-19-2019


The thread will now be locked and moved. Congrats.