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Staff app - 76561198254059502 - 06-18-2019

Steam Profile Link:

Steam ID:76561198254059502

Age:15 1/2

Mic?: Yes

Time Zone:CDT

Play Time: (Must have a day at least.)around 10 hours i think

Discord: Zachemedes#1934

How would you handle an RDM situation?:if it was his first offence and he was new  would warn him second offence i would kick third would be ban

Someone higher up is abusing, what do you do?: Screeshot and report it to you

Someone is threatening to DDOS you, server, or other, what do you do?: i would ban them for sure hacking and ruining the server is not permitted

You find a bug, what do you do?:Report it to you and dont exploit it

How much staff experience do you have? Cite time, rank, server:I used to be super admin and owner of alot of unturned servers lmao

RE: Staff app - DrFineSir - 06-18-2019

I can see this guy on our moderation team

RE: Staff app - DrFineSir - 06-19-2019

The thread will now be locked and moved. Congrats.