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Heart Staff Application
Steam Name: Heartxl

Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/tech099/

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:84942311

Age: 15

Mic?: Yes

Time Zone: CT

Play Time: (Must have a day at least.) More than 24 hours

Discord: Dream#8301

How would you handle an RDM situation?: Give them a Verbal warning and ask if they know what they are doing, If they don't then tell them what RDM means, If they do know just tell them not to do it again.

Someone higher up is abusing, what do you do?: Contact the owners, and report them with evidence on the forums.

Someone is threatening to DDOS you, server, or other, what do you do?: Permanently ban them and tell the owner incase they actually do it.

You find a bug, what do you do?: Report it on the forums, and tell the Owner/Developer

How much staff experience do you have? Cite time, rank, server: I was Admin on a server called LazerGaming but it shut down because they were really abusive.

Extra: I hope I get accepted, Thanks!
I don't know you all too well.. However, with the time I've spent on the server with you ~ My opinion about you is negative.


However, the final decision isn't up to me.
Hi, basically i'm a developer and yeah i'm pretty bad thanks okay bye

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