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Staff Application
Steam Name: CaptainCow

Steam Profile Link:

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:141317281

Age: 12

Mic?: Yes

Time Zone: CT

Play Time: (Must have a day at least.) More than 24 hours

Discord: CaptainCow#6167

How would you handle an RDM situation?: I would verbally warn the person and tell them to not do it again and if they do it again then I will ask why they did that and give a written warning.

Someone higher up is abusing, what do you do?: I would report it to an official that is higher up than the abuser, if the official I contacted doesnt respond to it within 5 minutes I will contact an owner.

Someone is threatening to DDOS you, server, or other, what do you do?: I would ban the person that is threatening and notify the owners.

You find a bug, what do you do?: I would report the bug to the forums and owners.

How much staff experience do you have? Cite time, rank, server: I have never been staff on Gmod and I hope that doesnt affect much. I have however been staff on Rust servers, those servers have since closed down.

Extra: I think I would be a good staff member and I see really good potential for the server. I starting thinking about midnights idea and I think even though it would be more work it would draw more attention to the server.
Great As A User, knows the community well, Has potential to help the server.


Congratulations You are now part of the Staff Team!

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