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Frosty DarkRP Rules
| Basic RP Terminology |

RDM = Random Death Match > Killing someone without an RP reason.
RDA = Random Arrest > Arresting someone without an RP reason.
FDA = Fading Door Abuse > Abusing fading doors.
SSA = Stun Stick Abuse > I.E Being a dickhead.
NLR = New Life Rule > I.E Not being able to remember who killed you.
FailRP = FailRP > I.E Pulling a gun on someone who mugs you.
PB = Prop Blocking
PC = Prop Climbing

| Basing Rules |

1. No two prop fading doors.
2. No crouch / jump bases.
3. No blacked out props.
4. No fading door abuse.
5. All keypads must have a timer of 5 seconds.
6. No fake keypads or ones that need you to crouch.
7. You must have at least one entrance to your base.
8. No sky bases.
9. No roof bases, unless they are accessible through the map itself.
10. Do not use disable-collisions to easily get in and outside of your base, the only way you should be able to get is with a fading door.
11. You can only have a KOS line/area within your base. 

| Raiding / Mugging / Kidnapping Rules |

1. Mugs and Raids have a cool down of 10 minutes per person, 30 minutes for the same person.
2. Raids can last no longer than 15 minutes.
3. You must advert assist not raid if you are assisting.
4. You must be near the base you are raiding to raid.
5. Kidnapping random max is 50k. There is a 10 minute cool down per person, 30 minutes for the same. Can only kidnap for 10 minutes.

| Job Rules |

Government - You must follow the laws and you can not go corrupt.
Criminals - You can not base with dealers.
Dealers - You can not raid or base with criminals.
Civilians - You can't raid or base with criminals.
Hitman - You can not base with other criminals.
Bounty Hunter - You can only kill or capture people that the government has set a bounty on.

| Prop Rules |

Do not prop climb.
Do not prop push.
Do not prop trap.
Do not prop block.
Do not prop spam.

| Staff |

You can not noclip off-duty.
You can not use your powers off duty.
You can not abuse your powers.
You must follow the rules like every other player.

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