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Staff Application
Steam Name: FeverishFlux

Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ppiamawsome/

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:175406329

Age: 13

Mic?: yes

Time Zone: PST

Play Time: (Must have a day at least.) Icy allowed me because i donated 20 but i have under an hour

Discord: FeverishFlux#7035

How would you handle an RDM situation?: You would handle an RDM situation by asking why the player killed the other player, asked the player that was killed what happened, if they have different story's, check the logs see who shot first, then jail/warn the RDM'er

Someone higher up is abusing, what do you do?: You go to forums and report the abuser. If nothing is being reveiwed in forums, go to the Staff that are higher than the abuser and tell them.

Someone is threatening to DDOS you, server, or other, what do you do?: You would most likely Permently ban the player that is threatening the server, and if threatening other servers still ban the player, and give heads up to the other servers just to be sure.

You find a bug, what do you do?: Go to forums and where it says Bugs report the bug you know there. (I think i saw BUGS ins forums)

How much staff experience do you have? Cite time, rank, server: I have been staff on 2 servers both t-mods, but the 2nd t-mod one, the server shut down before promotions, because the owner ran out of money. The server that ran out of money was SH0T RP, and i think the other one was Gen RP or something i really forgot.

Extra: I hope This server will succeed, and for both the Developer and Owner become very successful 
Congratulations, your staff application has been accepted!
We look forward to having you be part of our server moderation team!

(You're the first member to be accepted into a staff position on Frosty DarkRP!)
Hi, basically i'm a developer and yeah i'm pretty bad thanks okay bye

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